Love and Life Lessons

“We are not born to live in turmoil. We are born to live in peace and freedom, giving and receiving, loving and being loved. You might ask, “So what goes wrong?” Lessons. In our peaceful, loving freedom, we must learn lessons which will eventually make us stronger, wiser and better people.” Iyanla Vanzant

 Tonight will be short. I just wanted to simply say this quote by sister Iyanla is on point right now for so many reasons. Not just for me, but my family, and friends we are all going through so much.  Life lessons can definitely get the best of us. So we must continuously encourage one another and ourselves. I am thanking God for all his blessings and future blessings (a good girlfriend taught me to that…invaluable…thank God for future blessings!) This past week has been emotional I was 13 days late starting my cycle. Although I knew better I took a pregnancy test anyways because I cried at work when a little old man gave me chocolate! The last few weeks I have been super emotional. After the pregnancy test came back negative I cried again. I was hoping it was my moment that “miracle baby”.  This one incident of a negative test that I already knew would be negative devastated me…again. How many times has my cycle been late or non-existent? Countless. PCOS got the best of me THAT DAY. I know God has something destined for me. My lessons are all preparing me for God’s divine plan. Please know that whatever you are going through, whatever lessons you are faced with at this moment, He is preparing you for your victory. Now when you are getting weak and that lesson has come remember it is to make you stronger, wiser, and better. We may not know all the answers why this or that has happened but we must trust in God.

God thank you for all that you do. God thank you for all that you will do. God thank you for keeping my family strong even in their weakness right now. Thank you for all of our tears that you will wipe. Although, our hearts will always have emptiness thank you for fulfilling that emptiness with precious memories. Thank you for blessing us with each other so we can continue to bless others. Thank your for the past, present, and future.


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